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AEC Beats And Michael Bilerman Loses Again

Here’s the brief take away from AEC’s earnings report.

The company still beat expectations across all lines, despite taking most of 2013 and a good part of 2012 off (they were scared of being short of cash and rebalanced). The stock dilutions did mildly impair performance per share, yet the stock is right where it started and year over year FFO still grew value. Besides, the company has hardly tried to drive ahead yet.

Towards the end of 2013, the company suddenly roared to life, acquiring three new properties and creating a joint venture with AIG Global Real Estate to develop the San Francisco market. The San Francisco note should be especially depressing to the string of analysts who have continually gone on the record that there is no way AEC makes it on the West Coast.

They are going to make it, you schmucks, and your reputation goes down in tatters.

Somewhere at Citi, Michael Bilerman is cowering in fear. His ‘doomshittery’ (trademark) leveled at Associated Estates Realty has crashed against the walls and come away with nothing. His obnoxious “questions” (most dubiously labeled) now ring hollow and foolish.

Shortly, Jeffrey I. Friedman, President, CEO and Hero (in the Greek sense) will emerge from behind his walls, give these serpents battle, and put whatever survives of their forces to flight, like the cheap cowards they are; as his last act of leadership.

But Michael Bilerman can be sure he will be struck down; not of the latter sort privileged to flee. He will get no respite to run, as Friedman has marked him for his asinine chicanery during certain quarterly performance calls.

Upon which Jeffrey I. Friedman will ride off into the sunset, going down as a man of legend amongst AEC shareholders.

In the meantime, dividends are up 7% from last year and I am bidding my time.

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