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Sold $RGR From Yesterday – +6%

I dropped my RGR purchase from yesterday, as it rallied more than 6% in under 48 hours. Still holding my core position. Cash stands back above 10%.

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Take A Chance On Love – Added To BAS, RGR and CLP

Sitting by the wayside while men of action seize the day is not an appropriate response to opportunity.

As such, I depleted my cash position to a meager 5%, adding heavily to BAS, CLP and RGR.

This is a trade on a belief that we are making a quick bottom and have higher yet to go. I’ll take expedient profits or losses on this, as I am serious about maintaining at least 20% cash (before hedges) at most times; from now until Summer, be my judge.

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First Rough Day In A While

Alright, so today was very nasty for me. RGR, CCJ, and BAS all cramped up, and are busy drowning in the pool. I can guess why CCJ is having trouble – their earnings sucked wind. But RGR and BAS are something of an enigma. RGR has no news pushin git, and the only thing that happened to BAS was it caught a downgrade from some analyst.

Of course, all three names are up so much in the last month it could just be some profit taking. CCJ is pushing back below those magically colored lines, which I have learned is the ultimate arbiter of reality. Ergo, it must be in serious trouble…

Anyway, throw in the price of silver with those two and this was a bad day. The first bad day I’ve had since November or October.

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Can’t Hear You, Gun Controlists

I am sorry, but as I’m just too busy making fat stacks off of RGR right now, I’m having a little trouble hearing your moralistic, hopeless pleas. See, the Assault Weapons Ban is dead. Reid (The Great Gunman, as he is known amongst his friends) devoured it; taking it into his belly. And it died.

Now I’m sure Piers Morgan will keep running his fat mouth for at least another 6 months, talking to walls about the need for gun reform (we should be so lucky to have the violent crime rate of the UK…). But that’s just because Piers Morgan doesn’t have anything better to do.

I came across an article today waxing about the inevitable need for “civilized countries” to surrender their firearms. As if it were a part of evolution to a higher form of life. The paper’s logical conclusion? Better sell all your firearm stocks.

The winter breeze leaks through the window’s glass, creating an icy current across my cheeks. Standing before it, looking at the cloud cover outside, a smile creeps across my lips.

Your “Socially Responsible Investing” is horseshit. It’s an elaborate fraud, whereby you take the hard earned money of others and sink it into your wildest fantasies – just after scalping a healthy 4% in management fees off the top for yourself. You are silver tongued snakes, and I am a man with an axe. I live to split you in front of your “clients” (read “yuppy”).

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Bought Back RGR

Okay, I played it like a rookie, trading the open, but it won’t matter.

RGR is going back above $60, and will be making new highs in short order.

If it dips, I’d be willing to buy more, but only by offsetting elsewhere.

I’m running hot right now with no cash. And we are going higher.

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The Future Of RGR And Guns In America


The Obama gun control announcement was a complete non-issue for gun manufacturers. The Executive Orders, the only part of this that I ever feared, was stuffed full of common sense, passive actions that no one was objecting to in the first place.

And Obama acknowledged (which is always half the battle with him) that any attempt to restrict magazine capacity or ban “assault weapons” (read “any gun that looks scary”) must start in the Legislature.

Reid and Boehner are just FIGHTING with each other over who gets to start that process…

Oh, wait no they’re both punting.

Meanwhile, Obama’s actions, surrounding himself with children like a 20th century totalitarian on crack, before announcing this set of soft measures, have fired up the gun owners and political operatives who haven’t quite worked out yet that this isn’t a big deal.

The gun buying craze, which is pre-empting future government action that probably isn’t coming, will run voraciously until it exhausts itself. And ironically, a push to try and reign in weapons will have inadvertently put a lot more of them into circulation.

On a pullback, I will consider adding back RGR to my portfolio. By this time next year, it will be making new highs.

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