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HCLP Lands Another Supply Agreement

HCLP announced another 3 year supply agreement after the close yesterday; this time with US Well Services. Like the other, this agreement locks in US Well Services to purchase a minimum amount of frac sand from HCLP each month.

Per the CEO of HCLP:

“We believe that U.S. Well`s commitment underscores the strength of our extensive logistics network of rail-served terminals in the northeast,” said Robert E. Rasmus, Co-Chief Executive Officer of Hi-Crush. “Certainty of supply is critical in today`s market. Our customers need to have access to high-quality frac sand, when and where they need it, and Hi-Crush provides this certainty.”

I spoke with a gentleman in the comments section of another post on this subject just the very day – he had asked why I don’t love SLCA.

Both HCLP and SLCA are laudable enterprises worthy of a look (and probably a buy). But HCLP’s strategy resonates with me. Their insistence on building their business with logistics in mind – as much as supply deposits – is a distinguishing strength which I respond to.

HCLP is up more than 3% today on the news. This is exactly the kind of activity that will lead HCLP to continue to grow revenues at 100% annually. It’s difficult to put a price on this sort of activity – I’m a believer and think a business like HCLP is still advantageously priced for this growth as opposed to, say, a TSLA.

But I’m also sitting on a mid to high- $20’s cost basis, so take that for what it’s worth.

Next stop, $50.00.

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HCLP Benefits From Fracking Sand Attention

If you missed it, the Wall Street Journal came out today with a centerpiece on fracking sand. This is great exposure to the space.

If you’ve been paying attention, I took a position in the partnership HCLP this summer for $24-26, with some adds and trading around the position since then. They sell exactly this sand to well services companies.

A few recent big developments with HCLP include a settlement with Baker Hughes and inclusive six year supply agreement that helped send it to the $32 price it’s at today. Other developments include an almost million share issuance from a parent/sibling company (non-dilutive).

The share price has come under downward pressure (from the million share issuance); however, this exposure is exactly what’s needed to get more money flowing into the position. The partnership is expensive and small, but I love the positioning and think it’s in exactly the right place for major growth over the next decade.

Another position similar to HCLP (and Chuck Bennett honorable mention) is SLCA. They specialize in a similar alternative to the fracking sand HCLP offers.

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