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I have to commend the gun-reformists on making me and the rest of the “child murderers” rich as fuck. RGR is now well above +20% gains from my bottom-ticking buy in December.

I can only lay the gratitude for this bounty at the feet of Obama, Biden, Piers Morgan, and the city of Chicago. Thanks to their obnoxious paternalism and almost knee jerk grab for the most childishly simplistic solution available, tens of millions of people can’t order firearms fast enough.

This is Chik-fil-A all over again. Those of us who absolutely love pointless rules, poorly worded laws, long discussions to nowhere, and big “cozy feeling” bodies of public aid workers (especially if they have flashy titles) are just determined to “punish” the rest of us with blessings of blow out, “never-been-this-profitable-before” quarters.

I am obliged to accept these “punishments”. Please, “punish” all of my stocks with record sales. For surely I deserve it…

Biden is currently in negotiations with that dreaded lobby group the NRA – which is most definitely not “grassroots”, nor does it represent anyone (perhaps with the one little exception of at least 30 million of the 60+ million gun owners in this country).

Meanwhile, the most recent Gallop poll shows a majority of Americans *shock* still don’t support the assault weapons ban. That’s probably just from the fact that anyone with 5 minutes of free time and an Ethernet connection can conduct enough research to convince themselves that the last one accomplished nothing.

I’m sure such inconveniences will easily be bridged by our hard working, “much much smarter than you”, US press corps – diligently glossing over any story that doesn’t strictly conform to the favored New York City message (don’t own guns, just use the money from your NYSE to hire 35,000 armed police…)

Meanwhile, I wait with anticipation for the next Piers Morgan interview. I’m told this time they intend to drag in an 11 year old girl with tourettes, the tire from an ’04 Stratus, and some road kill for him to show off his amazing debate skills on, in real time of course.

Go get ‘em, Piers…

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