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Week Is Almost Done

Today was not the follow through I had hoped for. Following yesterday’s rally, in both stocks and commodities, I had wanted today to run but it was cut short. Oil retreated, reaffirming that markets are quite content to keep oil range bound in the mid $40’s so that the sector stays on a path of imminent destruction.

As the saying goes, “The beatings will continue until morale improves.”

Gasoline inventory numbers showed a big drawdown, which sparked yesterday’s rally. Stocks at Cushing also declined by 748,000 barrels, although overall stocks grew by 4.1 million barrels. I am expecting to see the US inventory growth slow dramatically going into the holidays, with word that companies who have hit their operating budget are going to take a recess for the last month of the year.

Big news out of China today that they are increasing their child “rations” to 2 per couple. This is such commie nonsense, it’s hard to take it seriously. Such rules are written by megalomaniacs; so much arrogance goes into trying and restrict population the way China has done. It is a blessing that the outcome has been so terrifying for China’s ruling party; their culture values boys, so they have way too few girls. A sea of 20 year old men without the main thing that keeps young men from dabbling in revolution – family.

You don’t just switch off and fix that problem over night.

Finally, American politics is as awful as ever. The GOP debate last night was a debacle for CNBC, which has managed to disgrace itself in two separate journalistic professions now.

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    Crude stocks more likely to fall as refiners come back online fwiw

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