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Next Issue Of The Income Investment Report Coming Soon

I have been busy working to finalize the next issue of the Income Investment Report. I will have you know that each issue is lovingly, painstakingly put together via a combination of analytics I have provided (the data engine of which is The PPT), which are then intensively vetted through an on the ground process.

With most financial newsletters (you know who you are), you get a computer algorithm – which an intern has kindly half-glanced at – telling you “XYZ stock saw earnings growth of #REF!% in 2014!”. This kind of offish offering is an embarrassment and I would never allow it.

Rather each issue is combed over by myself to ensure it passes muster.

You cannot reasonably expect an analytical approach on its own to produce winners all day long. The number of charlatans and hustlers outstanding dwarf the good…never forget that.

Accordingly, the number of false positives in any statistical work you undergo must be present. If you use a fair process to look for deals in a sea of liars and get only quality on the other side, you are being taken for a fool.

It is the job of the investor to carefully vet out the garbage. That is the second value we provide with this report. Make no mistake that we read hours worth of financial reports to make this happen, hunting for red flags and evidence that the metrics are misleading.

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