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The Last Day For A Free Sample Of The Income Investment Report

If you’ve been interested in trying out this new service of iBankCoin free of charge, then tomorrow is your last chance to do so. I highly recommend you take those precious hours – before what I presume is a New Year’s Eve of unspeakable debauchery and hedonism – to read through this work of art.

After that the trap door springs shut and you will be most lucky if I ever let you set gaze upon it freely again.

To those who have already subscribed, I thank you for your patronage. The next issue of the Income Investment Report is nearing final completion, as my cohorts work busily in the sub-9th floors below.

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  1. thomasjefferson

    Do you have any thoughts on $IXP? It’s paying a very nice dividend. It is also, on a sector basis, beautifully poised to mean revert upward on a majority of metrics… eventually. I’ve been holding for some time, content to wait it out with a generous yield in the interim.

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    • Mr. Cain Thaler

      I do not have an opinion on IXP. As it’s an iShares product, we would probably need to look at the holdings. Definitely a macro call there, so if you feel good about telecoms, then that’s pretty much that.

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