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Well Well Well Well Well

I come to you from South East Michigan, where we are privy to a miniature, personal snow flurry. I know it’s not snowing elsewhere in this state, because I had to drive deep into the wooded heartland to wrap up tax season (always have shadowy figures an hour’s drive away from any IRS building do your taxes. If the IRS wants to pop in for a visit, make them earn it).

It’s a bizarre experience to have a heavy snowfall with blue skies overhead, for sure.

I was privileged, alongside the rest of you, to watch the market turn on the face of a dime and ram higher this afternoon, much to the shock and horror of the “new depression” crowd.

You dicks should have to surrender your mark before getting invited onto these unsavory televisions shows to preach. Every time we get an unexpected 10% correction, I get to hear how we’re just days away from a 50% plunge into total chaos.

Then when it doesn’t happen, the perpetrators limp back home where they keep a low profile, knowing that their only blessing in this world is that nobody cares enough to remember them, and therefore cannot point out the last half dozen times they blew it.

Janet Yellen has spoken and her message is one of love…for equity. Take your medicine.

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  1. ironbird

    Grandma will make cookies for the heart broken shitters with rat poison chips. The bulls will be taken to church to repent. Then up we go.

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