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Weak Day For Me

BAS has imploded 15% in a week. I always pare back that position opportunistically when I can, precisely because I cannot trust it. Sadly, I added on to quick, down 10%, and now have some losses to show for it. The stock is owned by cowards of the lowest caliber.

HCLP is also disappointing me, down off a resurgence from the backs of the frack sand article that made rounds last week.

I was getting excited about TSLA’s selloff, but that has shored up, and is pushing higher. My expectation is the first round of put options expire worthless. I have high hopes for the longer expiration dates.

CCJ though is looking promising. Silver is also pressing higher – I would love a precious metals price recovery for Christmas.

My portfolio is flat on the day. December is young, but time is short, and it appears that I will merely perform with the market this year. A grand opportunity to broadly defeat the indices, rallied from my huge RGR trade in the beginning of the year, was wasted, sadly.

But, maybe Santa Clause will deliver a holiday special for Cain. He has plenty of times before.

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  1. From Gorby

    Really enjoy your posts.


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  2. ironbird

    Is the rebirth in Detroit really happening? Looking at muni pimco funds or etfs or whatever they are called. And. They look like next leg down is coming. The Cali’s yield huge. Any opinion on the muni market. TIA.

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    • Mr. Cain Thaler

      Depends on your timeline. I think this bankruptcy will be marked as the moment when Detroit began to turn around (for real, as opposed to the half dozen, pure marketing ‘turnarounds’ the city has billed itself as having).

      But I think this process takes decades to work out. Baby steps; first the Detroit union leadership needs to be allowed to die a horrible, slow death. They have been choked off, with Republican leadership in Michigan slowly drawing around them on all sides.

      With union leadership relegated to the back where it belongs, Detroit management might actually have the room to make real decisions, as opposed to the superficial “false choice between the gun and the poison” variety they’ve been making for fifty years.

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