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Newer Position HCLP Up A Staggering 7.78% Today

As I sit here today in my 9th floor office, basking in the definitive triumphs that were brought before me, one truth does not elude my discerning eye.

The greatest victory was HCLP, up a masterful quantity.

6:04AM Hi-Crush Partners announces settlement of Baker Hughes (BHI) lawsuit and entry into a six-year supply agreement (HCLP) 27.25 : Co announced that Hi-Crush Operating, a wholly owned subsidiary of Hi-Crush, has reached an amicable settlement with Baker Hughes Oilfield Operations, or Baker Hughes, in the previously disclosed litigation between the parties and have filed with the State District Court of Harris County, Texas a Joint Motion to Dismiss with Prejudice with respect to all claims and counterclaims asserted in the lawsuit. In connection with the settlement, Hi-Crush and Baker Hughes have entered into a six-year supply agreement for the sale of Northern White frac sand by Hi-Crush to Baker Hughes.

See that the natural gas boon has ceased its rest. The fracking revolution is upon us. But men cower too afraid to partake in it.

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