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Upset On What Should Be A Solid Day

This shouldn’t even be a problem. I’m very long into a solidly green day, as short sellers and any longs who bailed on the ship last Friday get taken out back. But, AEC for whatever reason is having a horrendous day.

The only news is that the CEO, the great Mr. Jeffrey Friedman, sold 40,000 shares of stock.

This isn’t news at all. AEC’s CEO is probably getting ready to leave. He’s helmed this company since the ’90’s, almost uninterrupted. But, as usual, analysts hate the company so they throw insults and pressure the stock whenever possible.

I am in a sour mood, and will probably buy more if it dips into the $12 range.

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  1. TheHarper

    I love distressed investments. And today, life sucks, see APP

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  2. qeinfinity

    I bought some today. I’m not entirely convinced we won’t see it drop down into the 12’s, but I’ll be looking to add more there if it does. Any time this is under 15 it’s a buying opportunity as far as I’m concerned.

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