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Checking Out Now For The Weekend

I can’t explain why I’ve suddenly changed up and gotten a little more optimistic. All the concerns I stated earlier are mostly there. The big checklist of 2014 problems coming together in a perfect storm is still mostly in effect.

But, for some reason, I’m getting bolder. Maybe it’s a trick my mind is playing on me. Perhaps I am simply a dog, responding to training from the last few years.

The market has done very well in the winter months. I don’t believe the Fed is about to let us sell off. Even though there is much concern, and many problems, our society has gone on an obsessive kick, triple checking every corner of the economy for trouble.

It’s just going to be very hard to get tricked when everyone is on guard like this. Major sell offs require a certain element of apathy that just hasn’t been there.

So for the moment, I find myself comfortable. The market is having a minor correction, but I do not fear it.

So this is probably when the big hit comes…

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