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I Smell A Rally

I have the propensity to over hype the long side right now; that probably has something to do with us coming off of the greatest Christmas rally ever.

But suffice to say I’m ready for more upside.

The futures are green and look good. Yesterday’s bounce off the lows was fierce and aggressive.

Meanwhile, in Italy one half of the highest ranking candidates in the presidential election are convicted felons. So goes Italy.

But it’s not just Italy. As much as I am pro-rally at the moment, never forget what a true recovery hinges on. And never forget who you are trusting to deliver that pivotal progress. Trust…friends is not something to be doled out lightly.

We will crater going into the spring on the backs of the ineptitude and vacuum that has seized decision making roles globally. But, for the moment, we can enjoy the simple pleasures – like endless stock market gains – without worry.

You’ll know when the next phase of the crash comes, because it will be preceded by either yield expansion, stalling price levels, or both.

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  1. Fly Jr

    this move up is corrective. we are not done going down. I love how everyone thinks one down day is a correction.

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    • Mr. Cain Thaler

      Two down days…

      I have a Ben Bernanke in my hand. What have you got?

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  2. Fly Jr

    Bernanke was in your hand Aug 2011 and every other deep correction the past 4 years. Quit acting like a rookie

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