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Up Another 1% – BAS Is A Champion

Just as I was beginning to lose faith, the rally is back and more tender and loving than ever.

Oh, sure the indices are all flat. But if you concur with that metric, that just means you aren’t owning the right stuff.

Below the surface, select stocks are valiantly striding to attain total victory. They are being welcomed home by stock brokers, to the sounds of silver trumpets and streamers playfully riding alongside them in the air’s currents.

BAS is chief among these stocks. The hedge fund guys have stumbled across my little gem, and are now insatiably attempting to claim my honor for their own. Such folly, but a necessary inconvenience to making thirty-percent-plus gains this year.

BAS is screaming higher. And with higher gas and oil prices, the American energy revolution is back in play.

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  1. Raul3

    BAS looks rip-tastic, nice

    CCJ not looking too shabby either

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  2. Montrose

    GASS might be worth a look.

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