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First Rough Day In A While

Alright, so today was very nasty for me. RGR, CCJ, and BAS all cramped up, and are busy drowning in the pool. I can guess why CCJ is having trouble – their earnings sucked wind. But RGR and BAS are something of an enigma. RGR has no news pushin git, and the only thing that happened to BAS was it caught a downgrade from some analyst.

Of course, all three names are up so much in the last month it could just be some profit taking. CCJ is pushing back below those magically colored lines, which I have learned is the ultimate arbiter of reality. Ergo, it must be in serious trouble…

Anyway, throw in the price of silver with those two and this was a bad day. The first bad day I’ve had since November or October.

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  1. Montrose

    Regarding RGR, saw mention of a fake news story on a school shooting, but have no confirmation. Also, folks might just be nervous about Obama using some executive action on banning guns, unconstitutional though it would be. For myself, bought a small amount of RGR today.

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  2. Heaterman

    Have no fear Mr Thaler. RGR is going to own the firearms market in whatever form it takes. The company’s plan and products are solid. Everything we can get our hands on is sold as it arrives.

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