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Well This Is Strange

Generally speaking, the market is leading my positions in tow exactly as you’d expect. My longs are down, silver is down, EUO is way up.

But for whatever reason, BAS is up more than 4% right now.

I’ve been staring at it all morning, and can’t seem to find any reason for it. I mean, I’m not complaining. But why now, of all times, did the stock find solid footing?

I’m open to any ideas here.

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  1. jimmy_two_times

    Funny you brought this up today. I sat in a meeting where an oil patch gentleman discussed the life cycle of an energy sector move. His opinion was that we’re stalled out around the M&A and large midcap moves (early stage) and service co’s are in the mid cycle.

    He still liked any companies that explicitly mentioned distilate as part of their “liquids”.

    This probabaly doesnt help, but thought I would shoot my mouth off anyway.

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  2. djmarcus

    “technical breakout”?

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