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Thanks, BAS

Today’s trading action wouldn’t even be that bad, except it is. AEC, CLP, CCJ, RGR and silver prices are all holding up fairly well, actually. EUO is getting back to even, playing a good hedge.

And then there’s BAS.

BAS’ shareholders are without a doubt, the greatest collection of spineless vermin ever assembled in the Great History of Cowards. BAS shareholders make the French look valiant. They make pacifists look courageous. They make Hilary Clinton’s response to Benghazi seem positively plucky.

The stock is imploding 3% today, because Europe is back on the radar. Any jitters concerning the need for energy causes the stock to immolate; which is ironic, considering we already know this quarter is going to be awful. It would be practically chilling, if I hadn’t seen this happen at least a dozen times already.

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