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The Great Reversal Is At Hand

In respite of my preoccupied condition, I took a moment from my day to watch as the market skipped off the lows with such violent force as to crush short seller’s dreams. It appears that I had a bad feed. It was showing the market at half its losses and I thought it was happening right now. Oops

In many ways, my current affairs are a blessing – they keep me from obsessing over the gyrations of a market digesting huge gains, and force me to take stock of the world only at night, when I cannot act exuberantly and must carefully plan out the next day’s actions in advance.

It gives me time to look over the data and keep things in perspective.

I do not much like the way this market has been behaving, but there are three things that hold me steady:
1) We aren’t really down much at all
2) Free money
3) Christmas

I’m regretful if you were hoping for the bearish Cain Hammond Thaler of last year. But I’m not getting suckered into that hole again.

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    you are obviously not long BOOM

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    • Mr. Cain Thaler

      BAS and, just before 2, SKUL, threw me off.

      I apologize, I’m embarassed. I’m usually better than this.

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