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When a company becomes a household name, take note.

When the CEO talks about “scaling happiness” — also take note.

When your PC hasn’t been touched all week, and you wake it from its slumber to find :


Fuck you very much, Eric Yuan. This is making jungle quite unhappy.


ZARA ZHANG: So the idea for Zoom first came to you when you were a freshman in college in China, right? Could you tell us that story?

ERIC YUAN: Yeah, that is a long story, but anyways. I was a freshman, my girlfriend was a sophomore. That was 1987, I think. She lives in another city. I was born in Mount Tai in the Shangdong Province. Between the city where she lived and the city where I lived was very far away. Every time I wanted to visit her, it would take more than 10 hours.

HANS TUNG: More than 10 hours?

ERIC YUAN: More than 10 hours.

HANS TUNG: One is the eastern side, one is the western side of Shangdong.

ERIC YUAN: No direct train either. I forgot, so probably at that time, you took the train and then probably in the middle of the night, you needed to change to another train. It was a very long journey. And also, I can only see her maybe twice a year, on the winter break or summer vacation.

Someday, I remember that actually. Someday if I can have a smart device and with just one click I can talk with you, can see you, that was my daydream, right? And every day I thought about that. But when I started Zoom, I started to connect the dots. It’s like wow, I thought about that before but the technology was not ready, but the idea was there.

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  1. firehorsecaper

    100% Trojan horse and not well disguised. Make China Great Again vs. Make America Great Again. Talk of reneging on “China treasuries” as if that would work? Instead of upping the bar on Chinese listings we propose adding to key indices, subsidizing the bubble with US tax receipts (401k, pensions, etc.) that allocated passively. With 300mm daily users (not paying users), one might assume $ZM retain 2/3 post C-19. That is $2,200 per user currently ($44bln mkt cap). Far out.

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  2. itsgold

    The reason Zoom is so popular among enterprises is because it works way better than BlueJeans, Cisco WebEx, and MS Skype/Lync. Skype is well known for dropping calls, freezing during desktop sharing, file sharing not working in meetings, etc. All these issues are non-existent in Zoom.

    Its also cheaper than Cisco WebEx, which has its own share of licensing problems and client issues. The same hacks and invasive installer issues in Zoom are also present in Cisco WebEx.

    I don’t own any shares in Zoom, but I do have to deal with shitty conferencing software for work. The least shitty software I’ve had to deal with is Zoom.

    If you’re concerned about Zoom being a front for the CCP, the second least shitty conferencing software is Citrix Gotomeeting. It has some usability issues, but it has been more reliable then Skype or WebEx.

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  3. bambam

    Zoom just flat out works.. so easy your grandma can use it. 40 mins for a free account, unlimited meetings can’t be beat. And it’s damn reliable. I laugh at the “oh it’s routing thru china, blah blah.” As if you using a Google product you aren’t being sold every second of every minute for ad dollars.

    It’s a household name like Amazon.

    If people ever get together online, they’ll Zoom it.

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  4. Po Pimp

    My company made the switch from Webex to Microsoft Teams at the beginning of the year. I know it’s sacrilegious to compliment MSFT on anything, but Teams is pretty alright.

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