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Nothing annoys Jungle more than people discussing “how hard” life is at the top of the wealth pyramid. You have got to be kidding me with your bullshit. I am not even sure I want to go on a rant here. So let me leave you with the following quote from Vanessa K. Selbst wo works for Bridgewater Associates investment management firm and is a successful poker player.

According to Selbst, poker stars often do not realise how privileged they are, and have been tricked into thinking that they are winning through innate ability alone. “I had the safety net of my family. If I lost my money playing poker, there wasn’t an actual risk because I know I would have something to fall back on,” she says. “But [the reason] you’re not afraid to take risks comes from the fact your parents brought you up in a world where you didn’t have to be afraid. You probably were from a white upper middle-class background where you weren’t getting harassed by the police. There weren’t gangs or whatever, where one wrong step was going to land you somewhere you shouldn’t have been.

“In poker, the cards are the same for everyone, and anyone can sit down in a game, so people extend that to think it’s all meritocracy.”

So shut the fuck up, and quit acting like your life is so hard, if you are so lucky to sit around and speculate.

You sicken me.

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