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Bollocks! Brexit Barmy Sends Stocks Lower

Brexit fears and oil yadda yadda yadda are weighing on stocks, sending the S&P500 back into the dystopian hellscape that is Correction Territory.

I love the English. As an insomniac on social media I work the same hours as UK Finance Twitter (smart, aggressive, super analytical and presumably violent drunks after hours).

I say this directly to the English people with whom I share this budding love affair: if you guys don’t get your shit together Trump will Brexit your asses right out of NATO next January. I’m serious. He’s nuts and we’re going to elect him anyway. It started as a joke and things just kind of spiraled out of control. None of us have any idea what’s going to happen. Not even him.

We were there for you through that Nazi King and the whole Diana mess. Now we need you to pick up some slack.

Thanks in advance. Give my best to Princess Kate.

Here are some key levels.


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