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Light Blogging Week

Baby Sleeping

I’ve got an extremely busy week ahead of me, so while I will attempt to log in as much as I can, I don’t expect I shall be my usual garrulous self.   I’m traveling out to Southern Bustopia on the West Coast, and I hope to be safely wheels down before the airport bonds go teats up, and the baggage handlers start throwing Molatav cocktails at the TSA while storming the control tower.

I expect I may end up having to be Hummer’d out — a la “Mad Max: The Road Warrior” — so I’ll be bringing several ingots of .999 silver to pay for the petrol and extra ammunition.

As far as that goes, this week may be a good week to trade some silver in for consumer goods like eye black and B.A.R. rounds, if you are so inclined.  A nice plow and a brace of oxen wouldn’t hurt to hold in reserve either, if you’re agriculturally minded.   You see, with regard to precious metals, I think we may see a dollar respite here, so I sold another 10k of EXK on Friday, bringing my position down to about 30% of my original peak.

I also divested myself of some IAG, some GSS, some CDE, a touch more SLW,  half of my PAAS, and about 30% of my ANV, with the remainder of those both being hedged, along with hedging most of the rest of the portfolio I didn’t choose to sell.   I now have egregious amounts of cash with which to buy what I believe will be a forthcoming dip in the precious markets that I believe we’ve been holding out for since early December.

I may be wrong, and if I am the first thing I will be purchasing is AGQ.   I will certainly let you know.

God bless you all, this night and always.


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Bleary Eyed Trading

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jQ1TjWbGn_4&feature=related 450 300]


We’ve come to another time in the cycle where I must again beg your forgiveness for my absences.  This is just not  a great time of year for me to be doing any blogging.  This is a time for closing, and little else.

And as you know, “Cawfee is for closers.”   There’s a logical reason for that.   It’s that it’s a standard remedy for sleep deprivation.

I’ve got a 7:00 meeting tomorrow morning and I am not what you would call a “lark.”   In fact, I’m rather the wisest of owls.   I believe I shall sleep for 24 hours this weekend, if left unmolested (unlikely).

I submit this pre-amble in way of saying  that I’ve done little with the port these last few days.  I’m down to my last shares of AGQ, and I’ve sold some EXK, but that’s been about it.   I think tomorrow I may even sell some SLW, if the creek continues to rise in the PM sector. 

Tomorrow should tell us if the dollar is going to rally or continue down.  I imagine the break down will be severe should it come.   If not, then it’ far more likely the dollar will rally for a while.

Don’t follow me, as I’m sleep walking, but I will be announcing any other moves in The PPT tomorrow, as they happen.

Best of Morpheus’s Dreams to you, my peoples.


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That Certainly Could Have Been It

 Missed the Train?


For now, at least.    It looks the dollar has bottomed for now, and as a result, I will likely be dumping the rest of my AGQ tomorrow.  I will also continue to sell down my overweight positions in EXK, SLW and yes, GSS (which I am overweight for stupid reasons).  Some ANV will go, as well as some IAG and EGO too.  Not a tonne, but I will be raising cashe (sic) munny (sic).

I will also likely sell some other things tomorrow which look overbought despite their not being in the precious metal category.  I shall tell the good gentlepeople of The PPT about that before I make those moves known here in Pikerdome.

What won’t I be selling?   That I will let you know… lucky dogges.   I will not be selling any UPS.

I will not be selling any UL.

I will not be selling any MON.

And I will NOT be selling any TBT.    In fact, I may even add to the latter.

Best to you all, and Merry Kwaanza, Fonzies.


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Quail Hearted Fools

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FR5MweSZjbc&NR=1 450 300]

(Great Mash-up… dig the Vuvezelas, too!)


Oh that’s just excellent.   The Republicans win the biggest House sweep since the Coolidge Era (63 seats) and then go full Barney Frank belly up to the Messiah on the Great Tax Cut Showdown.

Sure, they kept the Bush 2003 Tax Cuts

For two whole years!   Someone with an economic brain in their head please tell me… what does that do exactly?   How in the heck do these morons in Congress expect anyone in honest business to plan for anything with the Tax Sword of Damocles hanging over their head again for another two years?   

It’s the Uncertainty, idiots!   I think I shall propose an Amendment to the Constitution that might save us all heartache…. I will propose that every Congresscritter get at least 10 hours in university-level economics, with Econ 101 being mandatory in the syllabus.  

And what’s the icing on the cake?  

No, no… I mean besides Obama getting another chance to spout his tele-prompted class warfare inanities over and over (he is SO tedious) to the increasingly skeptical (and sparse) television audience…

No, the icing is this 13-months (yes, MONTHS!) of additional unemployment bennies agreed to by the spaghetti noodle “GOP Leadership” along with this useless extension.    Yeah, that oughtta REALLY help knock down the unemployment rate.   Just like it’s done in Europe, the original mother land of the Permanant 10% Loafing Community.

Hey, who cares, right?   The other 90% of the working stiff community will pay for it, right?   And hey, think of the incentive all those business owners have to try to entice those toadsuckers off the dole with their TWO WHOLE YEARS of low capital gains rates!  

Seriously, it’s days like this that could drive a sensible citizen — one who believes in the true and original precepts of this country — to bleak despair.

And please, fellow conservatives, don’t come back to me with the following trope: “This will be great for the Republicans!  Now we KNOW unemployment will be 12% in 2012, and we can GUARANTEE Barack is done and gone!”

Sorry, Homey don’t play that schist.   I am a citizen of this beautiful country first and foremost, and if my party’s leaders are playing this two year collapse as a gaming strategy, then in my book they are as DONE as Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the useless sods in Congress.

Six weeks after the election and already I’m getting my firehouse out.   Time to ream out the Augean Stables once again!


All of the above will only continue to crucify the dollar on a cross of paper mache, but that is little solace to me.   I sold some EXK today and more of my AGQ, but left everything else be.   I will likely continue to trim tomorrow, for reasons mentioned on Sunday night.

All of these moves are temporary, and completed in order to raise cash for reinvestment after an expected pullback in the soon to be vastly popular PM markets.

My heart aches.


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Welcome to Silverhalla!



Come, lads, and feast at my table at long last.   Rest your weary bones in the comfort of my Great Hall–Silverhalla– for it is the hall built by the metal gods Au and Ag for heroes who have fought in the great shield wall of Hard Commoditus, that great preserver of Empires and succorer of innocent children and midwives.

Those who have taken up hauberk and helm, shield and scimitar against the armies of the Mad Kings — Inflatus and Deflatus — shall be rewarded this day with an eternity of riches and smooth mulled wines.   Those also who have fought against those fierce Kings’ Champion, Bern Yankee,  and his much feared Quantive Eeze Garrison, will be welcome in my Hall, here and in the hereafter.  

True, it is gold that brings the wenches, and gold that has sated the hearts of  many the currency coveter.  But those who hie to my banner (featuring St. ElTee of the Blessed Rood)  will receive a far more useful reward in the Hall of my Fathers– the Great Hall of Silverhalla, aye.

Those lucky few, those sceptered Islanders, shall receive the Holy Stock Picks of Antioch, and be able to then hurl brickbats of bullion at thy enemies and thereby “snuffe them, in His Mercy.   For now is no time to loose one’s bladder in the shield wall, and cower at the hard paper truncheons of the Que Eeze… no!   Now is the time to strike!  And strike again for the promised marshall glories!

The glories of Silverhalla!   (Puts Silver horn to lips, blows four sharp blasts in succession….)


Behold anew!

…and  Behold the next Great Warrior Chieftan of Silverhalla! (Still a mere boy, really)–

Now forth!  Forth for glory, and slay thine enemies and revel in the lamentations of their accountants!


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The Crackboys vs. the Boxer

Romo hammered

This is good…

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4wty7974IKg&feature=related 450 300]

This might be even better….

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b8XVMU5obkc&feature=related 450 300]


C’mon California!  The Giants have done the hard part and dispatched the Crackboys for you.   This leaves the NFL safe for Niner and Charger domination.   Who knows?  Even the Raiduhs are showing signs of life…

Now all you have to do is get rid of Barbara Boxer and reclaim one of the greatest states in the Union.

I know you can do it.  God speed.


If you were on The PPT today, you saw that I added a tonne of metal back to my portfolio.   AGQ, EXK, GSS, IVN, RGLD, and even FRG were all added at favorable prices.

I also got rid of the last of my hedges at a slight profit. 

Last, I added to my PBR, my favorite long term earl play.   Yes it’s Brazilian, and someday it will be worth a Brazilian bucks to my family.

That is all.   Keep watching that dollar.   My best to you, especially those people in Kelly-Phonia, who can once again give direction to the U.S. with the right move here.

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