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Shut up and Get in the Unimog

Arnold Unimog
The amount of whining I’ve seen on this site recently is only rivaled by that of ESPN’s Steve Young and Trent Dilfer after last night’s hilarious game.
Suck it up, Trebeck, it’s a bull market!   Benjamin Bernanke has decreed that all asset markets should rise in honor of Grand Marshall Obama and, well, you know what they used to say to Yul Brynner in pajama pants, right? “So it is written, so it shall be done.”  And that’s it.

So get in the Unimog.  We’re gonna let Arnold drive, and roll over some bears even as the world collapses.  And don’t worry about Romney.  He’ll be fine, especially after the debates when he shows President Empty Suit what an economics degree looks like.  Maybe some of you fanboi’s might take notice as well, though I’m not holding my breath.

What do you know? One of my favorite “grandmama” stocks has broken out — Urstadt Biddle Properties (NYSE: UBA).  Why? Because they own scarce retail real estate in one of the richest areas on this earth outside of never-fail-land, Washington, D.C.  That would be Westchester, Fairfield and Putnam counties, otherwise known as the fully developed northern suburbs of New York City.  It never fails — when scare resources are chased by too many dollars, their value rises.  Just like gold, just like silver.  I love the management as well.  The eponymous octogenarian CEO and majority owner, Charles Urstadt, is an old school Dartmouth athlete, who still swims around the island of Manhattan in his spare time.  He is a pisser around the bourbon bar as well.  Go up to Greenwich and see him, why don’t you?  Buy and hold forever.

Almost all my gold and silver favorites are approaching buy levels again, and these will hold til Santa day, minimum.  I really like AUY here on the gold side.  For silver, I like AG.  A lot.

If you are going to cry about something, don’t let it be for stocks or a stupid replacement ref.  Let it be for some light that has passed from the earth.  Like the bright light of Luciano Pavarotti, the angelus.  I saw Puccini’s  Tosca last weekend and it was sublime, but the first opera I ever saw (only some six years back) was another Puccini masterwork… Turandot.  Check out this famous aria from that classic, as sung by Luciano… give it a second and you will recognize it I have no doubt.  Does it not transcend all boundaries, all tastes?

It is a blessing, there’s just no other description:

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iW1w1ryYQDw 450 300]

Best to you all.




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An Evening in Detroit

In the end, “Robocop” was too kind. 

Forgive your loyal, unpaid servant, but not only was I trying to send out a hastily assembled marketing book for one of the finest companies I’ve ever had the privilege of introducing s, but I also had a long scheduled string of appointments in Michigan this week as well.  Nothing like starting in beautiful, well capitalized, conservative Western Michigan on Monday and then working one’s way across the state, only to end up in moribund, corrupt and ultimately failing Detroit in Eastern Michigan.  It’s not overly exaggerating to compare the two sides of the state to West and East Germany… they are that different in their economic viability.

Detroit is a wreck, and it’s a damn shame. There are hundreds of thousands of very smart people populating that Southeast Michigan region– engineers, technicians, deeply skilled manufacturing personnel, etc., etc.  What hope have they, however, arrayed against the institutional, long embedded machine politics-corruption that destroys the rule of law and therefore any hope that a level playing field might be established for investment capital?  Let’s face it, you’d have to be nuts to try to start a business in Detroit.  There’s more atmosphere on the moon.

That said, I had a great time meeting the private equity personnel operating in that region.  And the Tigers game was fun too.  But nothing was as important– or moving– as my meeting with the esteemed, venerable Detroit Patriarch, Mr. Cain Thaler.  It took a number of phone calls with his “people” to arrange a meeting, but let me tell you it was worth it. It’s not often you get to meet one of the guys who hung with Edsel Ford and the Dodge Brothers “back in the day.”

I had to wait outside the Marriott Motor Access area for half an hour as Cain’s preliminary security ran through their checks.  They were nice guys, but pretty obviously ex-Special Forces, so I kept the chat to a minimum.  When Mr. Thaler himself rolled up in his stretch Cadillac (of course) limousine, I was on pins and needles. When the door was opened by his personal bodyguard (a flat-faced Mongolian giant, six-ten, and about half that wide), rich, sweet and thick Havana-based smoke billowed from the back seat for what seemed like ten minutes but was probably more like 30 seconds.  Finally, a gnarled, liver-spotted hand clutching an ivory headed cane (hint hint?) pushed out from the back seat.  It was the man himself, the Legend.

Our discussion will remain between us, but let me tell you that he imparted generational value to me… business advice that I will cherish and pass to my own children, God willing.  Thanks you sir, for your good will and your patience.  I wish I could impart some of your wisdom to this crowd, but I will hold off, affording you the discretion you’ve earned.

I look forward to the next time we might share some bourbon whiskey, and some tales of the good days, when Detroit was America’s engine.  My best to you.


I actually bought a farkakta load of SLV Leaps today.  2014’s and 15’s.  A humbug schitload.  I think silver is going to go berserk here, but the ride will be violent.  SLW, EXK, AG and maybe SVM if you’re bold, SIL if you are not.  God bless we are in trouble, but I take heart that there are still men like Cain Thaler — who remember that commie asshat Roosevelt — to help guide us back to the righteous path.

Best to you all.



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Enter, Weimar


I guess my jaw is just going to drop every day right into November 6th  of this year.  Yesterday, I stood agog as the U.S. National  Media did not merely let slip their masques of “Objectivity” but tore them off completely in defense of their Dear Leader, The Obama.  It was like we were back in the days of “Soviet Union,” when Pravda and Tass would not only mouth whatever “truths” the Soviet leadership would set them to, but also pro-actively attack dissidents of the regime in order to discredit them. 

When our embassies in Egypt and Libya were attacked “coincidentally” on 9/11, and our Executive Branch Administration decided to respond with an apology instead of condemnation, I guess I wasn’t completely shocked when the MSM house organs (NY Times, Boston Globe, LA Times) buried the story well into their papers to clear room for important Romney/Ryan high school reportage.  What was a shock, however, was watching the press go after Mitt Romney for — very appropriately, IMHO — condemning the wrong-headedness not only of the rioting Islamacists, but of the Obama Administration that was feeling their pain.  Incredulously, I watched as the biggest media firms  in the country went after Romney in a (now confirmed) coordinated attack like he was the guy who murdered our ambassador in Libya instead of being the only Presidential candidate to take time out of his day to remark upon it.

No, what was important to the press was that Romney was condemning the Obama Administration, and everyone knows that the Main Stream Media’s number one job is to advocate for the Democrat President, right?



Meanwhile, on day four of “Jaw Dropper Week,” we hear from yet another  uncompensated (well, sorta) member of the Committee Re-elect the President Again (CREEPA) — Mr. Ben Bernanke.   Not two weeks after Mitt Romney all but said that Fed Chair Bernanke was likely selling pencils come this January, the Bearded Bandit decided to show just how far he’d go to keep his job.

In a scene that seemed cut from the classic Mike Judge movie, Idiocracy, Mr. Chairman has decided to cut loose with your sovereign currency in such a way that soon we will be purchasing extra-wide checks to accomodate the extra zeroes we’ll have to write.  And he’s not doing it in any kind of secretive “QE4” way, either.  No, he’s just going to purchase — with fake money! — US mortgage bonds, at $85 billion a month til the end of the year, and then $40 bn a month, apparently until morale improves!

It’s fucking mind-boggling, if you’ll excuse my French.  Just stutteringly mad.

We are spitting in the face of people who hold our dollars world wide.  We are saying, “See this? This hundred dollar bill?  I wipe my arse with it!  Have some!” 

“Oh, yeah… and vote Barry so I can keep my job, eh?  Thanks much.”

Anyone got a line on a wheel barrow factory I can invest in?


As might be expected, gold (+2.11) and silver (+4.33) are screaming.  More analysis of the traditionals tonight, but the ETFs are your best bet at the moment (GDX, GDXJ, SIL, GLD, SLV, even AGQ and NUGT).  Go nuts, mind as well.



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League Play



A lot of the junior golds are looking good here and particularly appetizing on a pullback.  GDXJ should be your default if you cannot pick out a couple of nice names, and it looks good on a pullback to just above $22.00.  Put your buy in a dime plus or minus above that line and you should get something on what I believe will be a relatively imminent pullback.  These boys have moved but I think its  time to take a nap maybe for a day or two.

If you want to roll the dice a little, I like AAU here — the basketball league stock!




















As you can see from the chart, its already run us quite a chase, from $1.55 a share in early August to over $2.80 today. We are late in the run and are due a pullback, probably in that $2.95 region marked above.  Good news is you can choose any of those pullback entries marked above,  or buy 33% at each interval to keep things smooth.  My plan would be to purchase that one third either at the break of $2.95 or at the point of the first pullback.  If we bounce from there, you can buy your second third at a break of $2.95.  If it continues to break down you can accumulate all the way to the last buy point (approximately $2.45 or so).

In any case, remember this is a Mad Money type of investment, and not one to be throwing anything more than 5% of your portfolio at.   This is the time these stocks run, however, so if you want to experiment, now is the time.

Best to you all, fellow youth basketball summer league players….



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Up on Cripple Creek

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RDnlU6rPfwY 450 300]


She sends me,

If I spring a leak, she mends me.

I don’t have to speak, as she defends me.

A drunkard’s dream if I ever did seeeee ooooooone.

(Appropriate electro-banjo interestice)


Silver (la Lune) and gold (El Sol)  are both galloping across the skies now, impervious to my caution.   Thundering over my head, their coursers full afroth,  they say “paaah!” to my 70% position, daring me to chase my favourite (sic) miner names like some aging bobby soxer on Frank Sinatra Night at the Sands. 

I will not, however, as some option positions in the longer term department have sated my appetite for “easy dough” at the moment.  Instead I will stick to the still bargain issue lesser metals that are just now awakening to aroma of the lightly salted lightly peppered Bernanke Steaks that are being served to the market, “screw inflation”-style.

I will admit that I should have realized the printing presses would be truly whirring this week, as “the Bernank” attempts to assist “Backbone Barry” in ways that even Plugs Biden, with his literally literal literalisms and abstruse accolades cannot.  As I type, the dollar is down more than 80 cents (!!), plunging below the 50% fibonacci line that I mentioned the other day ($80.72) and now heading for the next support at $80.00 or so. 

Given the ferociousness of today’s takedown I wouldn’t be surprosed if we broke below $79, even in the near term, as we head to new lows in 2013.  Ben seems to be pulling out all the stops, as unemployment still sucks, and the only thing that will get people to think things are ok is if the market is up, up, up.    So be it, but just keep in mind we are playing with interest rate fire here.  That’s why I like the commodities more than the stocks here.  It’s only a matter of time.

I see my perspicacious friend Le Monsieur has already taken my “Cripple Creek” stock TC as his latest addition, so I won’t spend much time lauding it (you’ve probably already bought it, haven’t you?).   Know that this stock truly was crippled, unfairly, IMHO, by a bad financing timing decision.  It can get back to $5 (200 day EMA) very easily from here, I believe.

On other non-PM’s, I like TCK here, also beaten down like an ugly mule.  The nice thing about this metal mining sector is how you can make tonnes of money on beaten down stocks in it for about four out of the 52 weeks of the year.  I think we may be in one of those periods. 

Feel free to ask, I’ll probably say yes, but ask anyway.

Best to you all. 


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Deja Vu All Over Again?

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fZgQhnNRSuw 450 300]


 The empty suit video above aside, I’d like to direct you to an excellent Wall Street Journal article that reviews the scope of our Entitlement State circa 2012.  It’s not that we have reached an unaffordable precipice (we most certainly have), but that the extent and volume of government fund transfers both in dollar terms and in terms of the percentage of the citizenry receiving transfers has begun to transform our own national character.  The article is appropriately called “Are Entitlements Corrupting Us?”

A lot of U.S.-based  and foreign leftists tend to complain whenever anyone brings up the subject of American Exceptionalism, but I wonder how many of them are enjoying this current slide into mediocrity, and how many will be happy when we’re just another European-type welfare state?  I think quite a few of them have a niggling feeling in the back of their head that something is slowly being lost, much as the rest of us on the other side of the aisle have done.  I don’t think one can help it.  I also cannot believe that the majority– even on the Left– sense this will be a net positive for the world.

But who really knows? Spite and schadenfreude are powerful emotional succors.  One never knows where a person, once corrupted, will get their kicks.


The dollar continues to tumble overnight, but draws near some major Fibonacci support at the high $80.80’s region.  Don’t be surprised if we get a bounce.  Perhaps a weak one, but maybe enough to deflate this current gold and silver run up for several days or even over a week.  I’m cautious here, only because I saw a lot of euphoria last week.  I’m about 60% invested on my PM positions, and will be patient here.

Best to you all.


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