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Rippin’ Lips, Catching Tips

ripping lips
NOTE: This was a Thursday morning post, although still relevant.  Apologies for the rasslin’ w. both location and WordPress problems…


Silver is in a runaway move here.  There, I’ve said it. It could end within ten minutes of trading today, or it could end in two to six weeks from now.  I really believed we’d get a sharp pullback from our most recent moves, and perhaps we still will, but there’s no denying we’re in major breakout territory here.

I have no advice to give, save that you do not get reckless and leverage yourself into ruin.   I have been cutting back here, and adding to my gold names in hopes of a catchup.   This late in the day, however, is not the time to start getting careless.

Here’s the thing… this will end and likely soon, but it will not be The End, if you know what I’m saying.  In other words, there will be other opportunities to play this bull.  Make sure you have the capital to do so.

Right now, I’d be looking at underserved names… Ironically, SLW is one of them, as it had a hard pullback yesterday, if only to it’s 50-day EMA (and 13-week EMA as well).   I may grab back some of the exposure I sold there over the last couple of weeks.   I will know by 10 am what direction I will take.

I also continue to like AAU and a number of other small names which should be popping today.  Check also AUMN on the gold side, as well as IVN and BAA — two other late bloomers.  

Best to you all.   Oh… and Happy Maundy Thursday and Passover.  Think about going to church/shul this year.


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Relax, We’re Through It…

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lyl5DlrsU90 450 300]________________________________

I don’t know what to say.   Silver is even higher over it’s 200-day EMA  (53%!) today and yet AGQ continues to sally forth, like the great Black Knight knocking aside rivals like tin pots, only hours before losing all his arms and legs to a timorous King Arthur.

The winds blow here and the lights flicker, and yet the rancorous dollar is not held aloft.  It’s a rag, a pliant kerchief, a spoiled cabbage.  What do make of it but furthur substitution in proper specie?

Listen, I havn’t a lot of time.  My lights have flickered once, and the next blow will likely break my server from the Interwebs.   Therefore I give you my “best idea of the night,” in the form of one of my favourite (sic) Jacksonians, mighty ANV.  Like RGLD the other night, this looks ready to be purchased here and now.  Now is the time for gold to begin to catch it’s mercurial brother, methinks.

Due to last night’s technical difficulties resulting from tornadic activity, I will not chance furthering this message, but be on the lookout for a number of gold names breaking out like BAA did yesterday.   My best to you.


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Grandmama Pops!

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fo48YpNOesQ&feature=related 450 300] _______________________________

Ugh.  I cannot bloody believe it.  I just had a perfectly wrought lengthy post with graphics and witticisms galore… I pressed “Publish” and “voila!” I got the screen of zero tranquility.   Apparently my entire post was wiped save for the foolish youtube video I’d downloaded earlier and “saved” to make sure it was showing up.

These are the petty frustrations of the financial blogger my friends and they are enough to drive one mad with righteous anger.   So forget about the witticisms and the re-boot of my day of travel.  Just know that I believe silver is becoming dangerously overvalued here at 52% over its 200-day EMA, while gold stays strong but humble at only 11.4% over it’s same metric.

I didn’t sell anything more today because I was either driving or talking or talking and driving the entire trading session.  Had I seen these things, I would’ve dumped more silver miners.   I’ll probably do that tomorrow.   In the meantime, two friends have shown progress.   The first we spoke about mere days ago.  

Look what XG has done since:

The second is our beloved Grandmama… asleep these many months, but waking now to a new day.  Just as I predicted AGQ would rise to $300 this year, so too did I prophesy that RGLD would reach $100.   I think today was a significant step toward that goal.   Grab it on the retrace:

Note, this is a weekly chart and that’s one big grandmother of a consolidation…

I also like RBY here… stay well, my friends.


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Behold the Whirlwind



Silver’s lost its mind and is seemingly out of control.   It’s up another 75 cents tonight at at new highs in the upper $43.30’s.   Like a monkey that just had his rhubarb stick stolen, I’m standing here and continuing to sell into the whirlwind.

For example, I let loose another 600 shares of AGQ, this time at over $285.   I marvel at that price, as I can remember buying AGQ in the $20’s the first time around, and now you can make the downpayment on a decent Miami Beach condo with only 100 shares.  

I also sold more EXK, more MVG, and started selling SLW for the first time this year.  Last, I sold a large piece of my NGD, which had become cumbersome in it’s size, but is now more manageable.

Don’t get me wrong — I still have some 65% of my original PM positions, I just have a gut feeling, honed on many years of having that same gut knifed by this thinly traded murderous market, that it’s time to take some profits here.   Pigs get slaughtered, etc.

I will continue to look for a break here in the silver momentum.  I don’t expect it will very long when it comes, but it might be scary enough to shake some of our weaker hands.   I will look for more opportunities to divest into the whirlwind tomorrow as well.

My best to you all…


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You’re All I’ve Got Tonight

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CEEUGaQTTQ0&feature=related 450 300]

(Can you believe this guy once married the most beautiful woman in the world?)


It’s an unsettling time isn’t it?  Jake just said to you scant days ago, “Time to trim the sails, we’re in for some rough weather,” and yet silver keeps marching up to some argent Elysium, like a donkey with an egregious rutabaga tied to its head.

It can be frustrating, no?  Well, don’t take it hard.  Heck,  I sold almost 2,000 shares of AGQ the other day thinking I’d buy back in the low 200’s.  Silly me.

But I don’t let stuff like that get me down.  As I was explaining to a compatriot on The PPT today, we shouldn’t be afraid to hop right back on, even at a higher price, as long as we maintain the discipline to re-invest the same or smaller moneys that we originally received in exchange for our sold shares.  

This is important to remember.   Just like in the wider stock market, there are plenty of other shiny metal fish in the seas, and we need to build the maturity to be able to re-allocate resources to other, perhaps better valued opportunities.  A good example I can provide would be my decision, some time ago, to sell some SLW and apply those funds to a new stock I’d decided reminded me of old SLW at the $3 level at which I had originally begun buying it.

That stock, some of you may recall, was EXK.  

Today the cycle turns again, and I find myself selling off some (about 30%) of my “topped off” position in EXK in the $12+ regions.   Those on The PPT will attest that I took a full 10,000 shares off last week.

I have yet to buy any back, and I may never do so.   My eye has turned to other seeds that may enrich my garden plot.  Perhaps some GPL?  Some AG?  A touch of AUMN, or crappy BAA?

… or maybe, just maybe some more XG, my favorite spinoff junior goldie, which is beginning to look might ripe:

Stay thirsty, my friends.


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Enter the Burglars


Don’t Bungle the Burgle, Bilbo!


Silver is quickening again and the dollar is drooping…

I remain, however, unconvinced that this was the only shaking we are going to get.   Attend to me now.  I do not recommend selling anything more in egregious fashion.  Your selling should be all but done, as mine is, unless you’ve got an IRS-man’s butcher bill to pay this Friday, which I certainly do.  In that case, you are forgiven for converting more silver-gold shekels into dirty unwashed lettuce.

The question remains, however, should we be buying again here?   Is the coast clear?  I’m sorry but I cannot warrant it.  Things seem a bit too quiet if you know what I mean.   And the symmetry of the cycles argues for a more pronounced drop in some of our more parabolic names…  Take EXK for example:

Yes, we opened up above that green line, and even managed to stay above it, despite the lower closing black candle.  But such a weakling day bodes ill for the future, even with a strengthening silver price. No, the clockwork of the universe demands a finer symmetry, and I believe that means we move to at least our 20-day EMA, which, in flattening, may bring us to our rising support line in the  $10.00-10.50 area. 

The feasting will be sweet there.

And there is another treasure I seek, with my arrows aimed at lower levels than we achieved today.  That valued asset would be the damned elusive AG — which has plagued me since the mid-teens when I first laid traps to ensnare it.   I’ve never owned it… preferring instead to hunt it with stealth at various tepid water-holes.   Only raising my poisoned blow gun once… twice…. and now again:

Now this stock in particular is known for showing me the fool (as I haven’t caught it yet), and it very well could be showing a significant reversal here today from which it will never turn back.   I’m just not sure of it, given the state of the dollar (seeking a rebound soon, I think) and the relative torpor recently evidenced in the price of gold.

My price is a little above the 50-day EMA on this one.   I hope to snare some, but if not, God speed, and happy burgling.


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