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Gunners Endorses DPeezy

This just in, straight from the Gunners Memorial Library for Advanced Egregious Studies…

I Gunners, the former holder of the former ducati blog at iBankcoin.com, hereby endorse Dpeezy in his bid to be elected as the next iBankCoin tabbed blogger. The reasons are clear:

1. He’s an options trader.
2. He’s a gangsta.

If I didn’t vote for him, he said that he would strangle me, while straddling my wife or girlfriend. And he threatened to cover my call while naked, or something like that.

Lame puns aside, DPeezy is smarter than most. He has techniques, he trades based on a strategy. Unlike some of you bloggers that puke out stock picks, giving you very little chance of getting on a hot streak, DPeezy will be able to post about his strategy. Having a strategy will give a loyal reader the ability to track trades, pick out a hot streak, and bank coin. His current blog, while third tier, has continued the tradition of orange. The same orange that you have been missing in your daily iBankCoin visiting life.

So do yourself a favor, vote for DPeezy.

News analysis: Gunners, while his tenure at iBC was short-lived, did a wonderful job at patching up any “bad vibe” left behind by Ducati at his tab and grew to be much loved, as evidenced by the astounding 164 karma points handed out on his Farewell post.

In other words, he has a loyal following, and this endorsement should bring Dpeezy up a few notches in the race. Look for this race to tighten as more endorsements roll in through the night…

IMPORTANT ELECTION NIGHT NOTICE: I imagine a few of you may be waiting anxiously for “The Fly’s” endorsement. Just so no one misses it, I have decided to post his endorsement (which may surprise a few) at 10:30pm.

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A Brief Introduction

Most of you know me here, so I won’t make this too long.

I was hired by “the Fly” to help moderate this Godforsaken election. As you know, “the Fly” is quite taken with me and the wondrous ramblings of my third-tier blog.

Whatever you may think about my blog, know this, iBC is my favorite website to visit and I want to see the best tabber win this evening. I like this place and the bloggers here, and I want to see them prosper.

Here’s what you can expect from now until midnight… endorsements by each of the currently tabbed bloggers at iBC. After Gunner’s imminent endorsement, I will be posting the endorsements in reverse chronological order from the date of tab inception… so, Adam, Danny, Woodshedder and then “the Fly.” In other words, expect this race to develop and change throughout the evening.

(NOTE: Ragin has gone and posted his endorsement already on his blog, going “over my head” if you will. Accordingly, I bless Ragin with curses and pray for the destruction of New Orleans this hurricane season.)

I will also post two “getting to know” the candidate pieces, one featuring DPeezy and one featuring Leonard, and interviews with some of the more prolific commenters around here, namely Jake Gint and Tradercaddy, including their endorsements.
Much later in the evening, after I have drank enough cheap beer, a special “celebrity” endorsement will grace this page.

Finally, if time (and sanity) allows, I have more shit planned. So, stay tuned, and check in often, as the content will be thicker than Ducati’s head.

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