FLASHBACK to When Times Were Good

I found the epic post where a reader named CAP vowed to suck his own cock, should the market reverse higher. I remember it vividly, as the market went from deep in the hole to green. Since then, others readers made fun of him for years, until his slinked into the oblivion.

Where is CAP and where is DEVILDOG?

Might I add, DEVILDOG once promised to EAT his cock if the market went above 8,900. I presume he is now cockless.


I notice that pig cnbc maria has been doing a lot of stuttering lately. Did she catch that affliction by sucking paulson’s dick?

No she got that afflication sucking mine. Did you really think I was going to polish my own knob.

Ok here goes. If the Dow closes this week above 8900, I will EAT MY COCK. Yes there you heard it. Chop it off with a butchers knife, Cut it into pieces, fry it with some seasoning and a little salt and proceed it to eat it with a steak knife and a fork.




Finally, for your reading pleasure.

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Today, I heard of dedicated short sellers offering to suck their own cocks, should the market close green. You must understand the conviction of these men. Mind you, they’d be willing to suck their own dicks, in order to prove a point.

I must say, for as crazy as I am, I’d never consider such obscene arrangements. As a matter of fact, I might consider such a bet to be quite gay. Regular hot dog gobblers, these men are.

All jokes aside, today’s action bodes well for bulls, as they stared death in the eyes, then ran away like little bitches and took an alternative route higher. Many stocks were still down. However, I like the relative strength in names like National-Oilwell Varco, Inc. [[NOV]] , [[M]] and Occidental Petroleum Corporation [[OXY]] .

In hindsight, of course it would have been worthwhile to sell my [[SKF]] 17 points higher; but that’s not the point of the position. It is a hedge, not an avenue of potential profit.

As an aside, into the closing rally, I bulked up on [[ROM]] and [[EEM]] .

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Fly Buys: SKF, MOS, NOV, ACI

This will be an unprecedented Fly Buy post, in order to give you fuckers a sneak peak inside of my oversized brain.

With The Mosaic Company [[MOS]] down $4+, I am buying 250 share lots, up to 2,000 shares, in an effort to bring my cost basis down.

With National-Oilwell Varco, Inc. [[NOV]] sub $25, I am buying 250 share lots, up to 3,000 shares, in an effort to profit from the pending bounce in crude names.

With Arch Coal, Inc. [[ACI]] around $19 , I am buying 250 share lots, up to 2,000 shares (of which I sold yesterday), in order to get more exposure to an oversold sector.

I am not buying [[SKF]] , over $160. However, as mentioned earlier, it is my biggest position. What’s important to note is my unwillingness to sell it, due to my desire to remain hedged. It can go down $20 tomorrow and it will not phase me, providing my commodity plays go up.

NOTE: Should the market continue to crater, the losses in my commodity names are now acceptable, considering my overweight position in SKF. Also, I blew out of some of my [[TBT]] for a loss, in order to raise my cash position, above 10%.

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