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I sold the open and left. I just got up and went out and now I am back, ready and willing to invest. But first I have to walk the fucking dogs.

My overnight holds netted me 38bps and my Quant is +105bps, so I am banking in spite of this poor tape. While the NASDAQ is barely down, there are murderholes everywhere.

Since we are in a period of OVERSOLD, I have no choice but to get long for the overnight session. My big question is — do I buy early and trade or simply wait until 3:50 and remove all Intra day risk and play it that way?

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  1. edge

    I’m positioning for a tradable dip but have no clear idea about tomorrow yet.
    Oversold? We’re barely off the highs.
    I know, for the last few months we’ve been stuck in a channel- which is really a steep spike higher- and we’re now at channel bottom.
    Prices could be all over the place the next few weeks.

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