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Markets Runs Into the Close — MOAR GAINS AHEAD

The Dow was up more than 200, NASDAQ off by 9 but it ran 80 handles in the last hour of trade. I ended the session +145bps and made another 30bps in the AHs by selling LIFE. It appears we are heading higher tomorrow, led by energy — but nothing is written in stone.

I am now down 3.6% for September and find myself increasingly black pilled about current events and the timeline I find myself in. I am pretty sure, for my own interests, I need to stop hyper-fixating on the COVID news and get back to hyper-fixating on stocks. We are entering a very important period for the market and it’d be shameful if I spent my time and energy on things beyond my control. Although informative and perhaps enlightening for people on my Twitter feed, it offers me nothing but gloomy outcasts and I tend to really fixate on things for long periods of time until proven right. I do not want to be proven right and I certainly do not want to think about the worst case scenario. I do hate many of you, truly, and could never feign that — but here I am writing to an audience of mutes who’d prefer to speak to me inside The Pelican Room and make me appear here like a court jester writing to no one at all.

Life consists of going to the gym, playing tennis, dining out a few times a week, and entertaining myself via the teevee. With two of three of my children out of the house now, I must admit for the first time in my life I am beginning to feeeeeel old. People have always said I’ve acted old, much older than my age — but now I am filling into the role — at 45 and barreling towards an empty nest. There is nothing sanguine about your babies growing old and not needing you as much anymore, other than their own success in life — which as a parent you always hope for. The emptiness of their rooms reminds of you gentler days playing with blocks or dolls and how you regret not spending more time with them. I can vividly recall times when my daughter wanted to play and asked me to and I chose to do something else and it grates at me now and there is nothing to be done about it, other than to warn younger parents reading me to cherish every moment and to try your best to live a full life absent of regrets.

Not sure how this blog traveled down that road — sometimes with a stream of consciousness such as mine it happens.

Until tomorrow,


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  1. it is showtime

    Where’s that trip back to 4540s. fedmUthers.

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  2. duuude



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  3. tradercaddy

    You will feel young again if and when you have grandkids.
    Just saw the ones out on the West Coast (Oregon) and spent a couple of weeks with the East Coast Grandkids. We helped them move out of Manhattan to Western Virginia area.
    Unfortunately, somewhere coming back from Eugene Ore.Airport and transferring in San Francisco to get to Orlando I caught the Covid.
    Symptoms first start showing about 4-5 days after we got back. I had a suspicion so I self isolated and got tested which came back positive. Symptoms are not too bad (I had both Moderna Vax shots). One symptom which is pretty bad is a desire to tell “knock knock” jokes to 4 year olds.

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  4. purdy

    Hmmm. Sounds like your kids did not stress you out enough when home.
    – No calls saying that they hadn’t showed up at school for a week or so?
    – No car wrecks?
    – No visit from the local police saying to get to the hospital?
    We had all boys …quite colorful fellows. Missing them was balance by a sense of relief that they were launched.

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  5. roguewave

    Well done Jim!
    China is negotiating with the Taliban to take over the huge American Air Force base near Kabul.
    It is the largest American facility in all of Afghanistan.

    Jim gifted (left behind) $83 billion worth of American technology to our Taliban allies.

    China can reverse engineer all of it at their leisure. No need for all that spying.

    Well done!!! Another 4 yrs. for Jim!!!!

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  6. juice

    beautiful words Fly

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