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Cryptos Coming to Stocklabs Next

I was going to build an entirely new platform for cryptos but have decided to at least integrate on a basic level cryptos to Stocklabs in our next project. After that, options.

For now, I will apply our technical algos and curate some of the largest cryptos and embed them into our powerful screener. It should be fun. After a while, perhaps I can apply the intelligence and mean reversion algos to them. We’ll see.

Today we finalized a major feature add to the system applying percentage returns for all stocks, indices and sectors to analyze returns on a 30 second, 1,5,15, and 30 min time scales. This is the opening salvo in what will be a slew of quantitative tools designed for high speed data transmission and trading.

The way this works is as you would imagine. Nothing gets by me now. As soon as I can start seeing the market better, I’ll be unstoppable again.


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