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Can You Afford Not To Have Crypto Exposure This Weekend?

Show some fucking respect to the ETH millionaire here. Sure, it has been several months since I’ve had this status — but I’m back and with ETH above 4k, you need to show me some god damned respect.

Speaking of which — are you prepared for the weekend run? Are you at all exposed? If you do not own ETH or another coin — why don’t you gather up the courage to grab one or two or even three crypto miners?

There are several who mine for ETH — including HVBT and SOS. Some of the larger miners like BTBT have been hamstrung due to Chinese operations, but they have since moved out and operating at capacity again.

I was fortunate to be invested wisely into the open and am up nearly 200bps again today, making that 4% in the last two days. I am mostly cash, trading small and with purpose, with the intent on circumventing the current market malaise, which is fucking small caps, and just gain and maintain exposure to the crypto markets — which in my opinion are on the cusp of a severe melt up.

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  2. roguewave

    According to some knowledgeable professionals, this crypto bull runs into late next year.
    Not straight up of course. I’m in!

    Fly was in ETH before most.

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