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I am dialing it down a little, replacing my inane “YOLO” portfolio with my best ideas — which is more or less a longer term oriented portfolio of some of my favorite stocks. I will make changes to it as warranted — but I will not trade it and will not sell simply because the stocks are up. I will manage it like I used to manage portfolios when I managed portfolios for a living.

You can gain access to it inside Stocklabs.

I didn’t trade this morning — because I needed the morning off. I needed the morning off because I have been trading like shit. Alas, and lo and behold, and this goes without saying, I am now up and running +60bps to the good in my trading, +185bps in my best ideas and +60bps in my Quant, which closed out the month +5%. You can see the Quant review here, courtesy of Citizen Squared.

Today’s big story isn’t stocks but ETHEREUM. At $3700+, I am in fact an ETH millionaire again — so you best to shut the fuck up and show me some god damned respect. I like ETH here thru $5k, based off the bones and the guts of all the NFT clowns who are about to get rug pulled. Once they begin to sell their little pictures, demand for ETH will soar, no different from when the market crashes and the dollar rises because all of the stock sellers settle their trades in dollars.

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    5 digits only? That’s rookie #s. Try 6 figures before you boast your crypto GAINZ

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