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Small Caps Beaten Down Again — Tera Caps Mask Weak Market

The headlines will read NASDAQ +136 — but it was mostly Apple and friends gapping up — tera cap breadth at 74% while simultaneously small caps at 33%. On one end of the barbell was Tera caps +0.6% and the other small down 0.7%. If you lost money today, it’s because you’re long a lot of shit and did not adjust.

I recovered my losses and closed flat, a real accomplishment given the lack of movement in many of the smaller capped trading stocks.

Heading into the final trading day of the month it would bemuse me if stocks didn’t trade up. I think it’s fair to say very few things can stop this upward surge; but it is a traders market and requires a level of skill some of you, quite frankly, are not ready to exhibit.

Nevertheless, I remain at your service.

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  1. roguewave

    What can you say? It’s beyond description.

    The US spent $273 million dollars each day for the last 20 years
    and never came up with a plan to leave. We’re the greatest!!!

    A message from the white house to Americans, allies,dogs.. left behind


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    • tha pirate

      The CCP, the Islamists and Americas enemies could not be happier with the dimmi Dems –

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