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Last Day to Lock-In Savings — Come One, Come All

I got to trading late, specifically because I feel like my legs are going to fall off my body and after dropping ANTIFA FLY off to school — I laid down and figured I’d re-awaken at an appropriate time but instead was awoken by two dogs wanting to piss on my floors. So after walking them and making myself some coffee (always French press), I cleared out some of my losers, held the winners, added some new stocks, and decided to write this blog.

The reason why my legs are so soar is because fucking Boston — Mrs Fly made sure we walked every square inch of it and if you live in Boston — there is a good chance I sashayed (no homo) right by your house — led by Mrs Fly who enjoys to power-walk at speeds not comfortable to gentlemen such as myself.

This being the second to last day of the trading money, I injured myself by neglecting the morning trade. However, here I am attempting to make amends and ask for forgiveness from the Gods, which might include a blood sacrifice in order to set my book straight with them and set me back on the path of winship.

I haven’t lost any money this year in any given month and as it stands now I am about breakeven. I will now apply myself, most rigorously, in order to defend my record.

On the matter of “locking in savings” we are doing a 10% off for Pro memberships now. Best way to execute upon this deal is to join now under our basic (cheaper) plan and then upgrade in app to pro. If you are unhappy with our service, something is wrong with you, not us.

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