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Thesis Trade Forming

I’m long YOU in decent size due to their ability to make vaccine passports, which as you know is now accepted and requested by a large portion of the slave-cattle. I’m also long RIGL, small size, thanks to their development in a blood clot drug, which can be given to slave-cattle after their 5th booster shots.

I was all in long today into a decent meltup and cashed out for +210bps, placing me back into the green for August, +260bps.

I went long some China centric names here but am 70% cash, with a side eye on more China stocks and perhaps other reflationary plays. The enthusiasm is, which is wrong, the vaccine approval will now stop COVID. Show me the evidence of this happening anywhere on the planet. Israel? Iceland? Maine?

I don’t want to be blackpilled, so I’ll try not to overthink it and take it day by day — but the Fall and winter flu season can be something of a fuckery this year.

In the interim, I’ll be trading and trading well. Reminder: we are granting free access to Stocklabs pro tools this week for basic users. I’ll probably not do this again for a long time.

I’m in Boston now and busy with daughter heading to college. I won’t be trading or blogging today, so wish me luck and I’ll see you tonight.

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  1. juice

    The contrarian play, is that once Delta goes, sars-covid-19 & all its offsping mutant mutations of the original bio-weapon will begin to fade.

    Not putting money on that, just thinking out loud.

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  2. duuude

    Good luck with the college aliens

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  3. emersonlakepalmer

    Have fun driving through Connecticut

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  4. roguewave

    By all means, Follow the Science!

    Treatment approved for decades across the developed world!

    Recommended to “cure” political dissidents of their dangerous mental disorders.

    The media: the new miracle procedure!

    Time magazine: “Cutting the ability to worry out of the brain”!

    The New York Times: “operation to cure insanity”!

    What’s not to like?

    Nobel Prize willing inventor: Dr. Egas Moniz

    Dr. Walter Freeman, performed the procedure on a President’s sister. It ‘cured’ her of a mild developmental disability.
    (Unfortunately she was left unable to walk or talk afterwards.)

    Of course we’re talking about lobotomy.


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  5. soupbone

    Atlantic seafood co. is very good. Irish Poor House for hash, you won’t need anything for 12 hours after. Berkley?

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