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I traversed Boston today and ate its shitty food again, went over to the very charming little Italy in northern Boston and was subjected to SUB-PAR fare. The last time I was here in 2012 the city was brighter an d cleaner. Today the city is still nicer and cleaner than NYC — but also festooned with vagrants and walking zombies on meth.

Alas the city life — more suitable for NPCs and morons who enjoy being packed in tightly like sardines in a can filled with olive oil.

Tomorrow we move in my daughter to her college and then I am to do God knows what till Saturday. One of the wantonly negative effects of this trip is the fact my sister and her son came up, which is nice and great — if only for the inconvenient fact that Mrs Fly and her are now fighting and I have no interest whatsoever in playing peacemaker.

As for the market — RICH WITH RIBALD styled gains. Ever since I’ve come to Boston I’ve been banking coin like a drug dealer in the CIA. I made 3% again today — pressing my MTD gains to 3.55%, which is very nice (MOLTO BENE) especially since I was just down 2% last week. Overall, I am quite pleased with the reflation of CHINA CENTRIC plays and some NFT related stocks — all trades and ideas shared in real time only inside the Stocklabs trading room, which is filled with wholesome men who partake in great acts of capitalism who also promote FAMILY VALUES and never use fouled language and/or partake in vagrancies.

Tomorrow I’ll cash up in the morning and then I’m out for the day with my daughter, with little opportune to trading the session, only perhaps from my phone.


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  1. metalleg

    If you’re a good father, and I’m sure you are, you’re going to spend tomorrow, Thursday, and Friday moving her in and setting her up in her room. You’ll make several runs to Bed Bath & Beyond, maybe one or two to Home Depot and/or Lowe’s, and you’ll be exhausted at the end of each day, longing for a make out session with your pillow.

    Then on Saturday, as you say goodbye to your baby, you will be a complete wreck. As I mentioned in an earlier thread, get yourself some Kleenex. You’re gonna need it.

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  2. steak

    Food in the north end is incredibly hit or miss. Huge tourist trap. Lots of ketchup and noodles. Plus you got strung out junkies now, as mentioned, congregating near the govt center garage and spilling into the entire neighborhood.

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