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I was having a good day — but could not see the market for shit. I saw breadth at 80%+ all day and small caps +2.3% and I didn’t see where the trends lied. They were lying all right and I soon fell victim to a most heinous and unfortunate drawdown.

I am up just 15bps for the session now, more or less a complete and utter embarrassment. There are people out there, unnamed gents, who spend their days drinking by the pool — trading in and out of 33 cent stocks like space alien magicians. They do it clean and never lose. They go mow the lawn +10% for the session, while I am here at the hot PC burning my eyeballs out of my head up 20bps. GO FUCK YOURSELF.

I had been +41bps, like a piece of shit, until I was SURPISE RAPED by DASH. Apparently they canceled their ALL IMPORTANT DEAL with GORRILAZ — whatever the FUCK that is. How the fuck did the stock crash on that news is beyond my pay grade. To make matters much much worse, and this of course is hilarious, as soon as I sold it — it came back and is now higher than where I bought it. It seems, after about 10 mins or so, the ALL IMPORT acquisition of GORILLAZ is not that big a deal. I shed 3.5% on that motherfucker.

Instead of blogging into the close, I should be “working hard” and trading — because MUH WEEKEND and MUH NEED TO GET POSITIONED FOR THE MONDAY OPEN. How about I get a real job instead of trading like a moron all day? What sort of existence have I crafted for myself?

I’ve come to realize, after many many years in the business — I DID IT ALL WRONG. But that’s ok — we push on — back against the current and all that jazz.

I am leaving on Monday and placing my heart in Boston, as my beloved daughter leaves for college. She is the best of me and I wish her well. Although sad to see her go, it sure does beat being in the house all day and I hope she can begin her newest chapter of her life successfully and it brings her joy.

As for me and my fucking trading, I will be doing a little of this and a little of that next week — as the city of massholes bleeds me dry and the COVID restrictions drives me up a fucking wall insane.

Other than that — doing well. Lots of big updates in Stocklabs coming soon. If my misery is of any indicator to you who have been reading me for a long time, I am on level 100000 misery, so my trading is likely to pick up sharply soon enough.

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  1. duuude

    Break out the Lincoln

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  2. emersonlakepalmer

    Good luck on that trip up to Boston. I bet the only place you hit traffic is that shithole Connecticut.

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  3. roguewave

    Many years ago, while driving south from Beantown on the Merritt Parkway – all of a sudden bump. boom, bang – potholes everywhere.

    What just happened?
    We crossed the NY state line into NY.

    My Old School

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