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Bounce Day: Booked the W’s — Cowering in Fear

Good morning fuckers

So we all got lucky and now enjoy a small respite from having our guts torn out and festooned all over our trading terminals. I’m too old and cynical to jump in with both feet here. In the morning, immediately after the open, I sold all of my positions (75% long) and went to cash. Since then, I’ve been listening to WQXR classical and eating some smoked salmon on toast, garnished with scallions and lime. I understand why one might want to dive in head first into this wonderful tape, but I do not have the eternal fortitude for it, especially on a Friday, especially on a Friday when I am departing for Boston on Monday.

I re-entered the market long LTHM, ARRY, FSLY and CF — small 5% weightings and hold about 80% cash. I see lots of stuff popping, especially Chinese and crypto related — but I will not, I shall not, get sucked back in.

I’m up 71bps for the day, not exactly something to advertise on social media — declaring myself to be some sort of Market Wizard or sage. I do not imagine, dare I say, people will be begging from an interview for me to tell them how I achieved said returns. I don’t care what the market is doing and I am not going to be sucked back into it.

After all, who knows what awaits me around the bend? Perhaps some sort of odious sell off, tantamount to a crash, might bargain with me and decrease the years I have left on this God forsaken piece of clay.

What I might do, however, in an effort to meet myself halfway, is add 1 or 2 MOAR positions and then simply keep a steady 70% cash, trading to and fro like a school girl running in the countryside with the wind in her face amidst the lilies and the daisies.

When I awaken, I am almost certain to be back in Middled Earth with the Orcs, planning for the final invasion to wipe out humanity, starting with the fucking stock exchange.

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  1. duuude

    Enjoyable every time.


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  2. purdy

    It’s especially disgusting when Biden uses his dead son in order to glorify himself.

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