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The turned started yesterday, when faced with harrowing losses I ceased socializing with the losers inside Stocklabs and went to work. I ultimately failed to make money, but I CLEAVED my losses in half and traded well. This morning I adapted to the market with proficiency and moved all the way long into old man dividend paying stocks, which were immune to today’s fucked tape.

I traded gently for the session, closing out +72bps in a tape that normally might’ve festooned my guts all over Wall. Instead, with resolve and panache, I elegantly traded higher — capstone’d with a miraculous series of trades in the cannabis space that is going to make me coin on Monday. It started with FLGC and it will end with stocks like HITT, OGI, CLVR and AGFY.

I am 17% cash, and 25% long pot stocks. Smoke or be smoked is my motto.

Enjoy your weekend.

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