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Winning While Losing — StockLabs Demo is Tonight!

I teed off 65 trades and skipped my afternoon blog and hadn’t eaten or drunk anything for the entire day. I was fixed on making back the losses from this morning and, once again, I came up short. I got within -85bps to only slide back down a bit to -1.09%, placing me about FLAT for August.

Now I tell myself “Fly, you’re in a slump and still +10% the past 3 months, so STFU” — but it doesn’t make me feel better. Nonetheless, I am not dispirited by today’s tape, as there were an interesting pastiche of stocks hammering higher. For the most part, the skims where tight, as I was booking trades with gains of 1-3% max. I had to do a lot of trades and get out fast in order to make back more than half of my losses.

I closed the session about 47% cash, with a slight bias towards crypto derivatives. Should BTC-ETH recover tonight, I should awaken from my slumber to gains of +50 to +150bps.

TONIGHT IS THE FIRST EVER Stocklabs DEMO — hosted on a Zoom call by none other than the venerable Citizen Squared. He is thorough and well worded and intelligent and can walk you through our platform and make you feel at home, unlike me who often succumbs to periods of salt and lashes out at others for asking bad questions.

If interested in the product, which I can tell you now is the only thing you will need when trading, email me at [email protected] gmail. I am closing the invites at 5pm est. The event will be at 7pm est.


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