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My trading excellence continues, unabated.

I am getting skinned alive now, off by 230bps and nothing can stop the bleeding. I’ve given up my MTD losses and now stare at the pale horse down 1.3% for August. I can blame the market and get really mad at the Gods for cursing me in such manner, being otherwise flat for the past several months from my highs — but what use would that do? I am in a trading slump and I’ve been in innumerable trading slumps during my career and the best way to get through them is to accept the circumstances for what they are — and trade through it.

I won’t help myself by hiding or ignoring losses, failing to close out losers because they make me feeeeel bad. For whatever the reason, I fucking suck right now and the methods I am using are failing to provide me with the sort of returns I am accustomed to in order to come back here and boast about them.

Wallowing in self-pity won’t help either, neither will walking the fucking dogs at noon, which almost always disrupts my flow.

Today’s market is dreadful, with exception to SAAS and healthcare busting out. Also there is some strength in recent IPOs, internet security stocks like PLTR, and COVID-19 vax plays.

I will attempt to trade back to green; but truthfully I’d be better off drinking soda pops all day and waiting for tomorrow.

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  1. emersonlakepalmer

    Easy on the soda pop….sugar is your enemy

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  2. tha pirate

    RIP Paul Bearer – the G.O.A.T. !

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