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Massively Up — Haven’t Even Looked at the Market

Listen to me, I haven’t even turned on the television or once looked to see what the markets are doing. I don’t fucking care. This is what I do for a living now: log into the computer and print money. If anyone says that is false, I will tear your fucking face off your bones and rip your collar bone out from your chest.

I simply buy volume breakouts, all day every day, and make 5% per day. I am up 4.5% now, only because I chose not to be fully invested. In other words, I am able to make money at will — whenever I want, however I want.

DO NOT ASK FOR TIPS and if you sign up for Exodus you can fuck right the fuck off if you think I am going to waste my time trying to teach you a damn thing. You eat fish? Good. I am a fisherman. That’s the relationship.

Let me put it to you this way: you could live 1,000 lifetimes and try really hard to be the best trader you could be and would still not be better than me. Don’t email me or ask me any questions — just fuck off.

This blog is simply my method of documenting my ascendancy into the capstone. The rest of you are mere microbes in the way of progress.

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