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I Don’t Need Markets Anymore

I’ve transcended indices and markets and have upgraded into the capstone where I simply print money now. I don’t need to know what anything is doing anymore, certainly not CNBC or the FUCKHEADS on Twitter. Le Fly has Stocklabs and you don’t and I have all I need with my fucking tools, and my algorithms, and all of the other things that are inside it. While I do sound verbose and somewhat Neanderthalic, trust me when I tell you — the wait will be worth it when you’re finally able to access it.

Early going, I am +220bps, after booking a slew, mind you, a slew of profits in NKLA (+23%), TLRY (+12%) and several others. My gains are consistent and they happen all the fucking time. You might attempt to do as well as me, but you will indelibly fail — crashed against the rocks of despair, in ruins, because you didn’t have it in you.

That’s ok, lads. Father Fly is generous and feeds everyone fresh fucking fish daily — posting my ideas and my trades in RT inside Exodus — which will be upgraded into Stocklabs inside of a month. Again, my generosity is without boundaries.

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  1. bennyhill

    “You might attempt to do as well as me, but you will indelibly fail”

    I tried in Exodus, following via email alerts doesn’t work.

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  2. purdy

    Will the service offer therapy for chronic pessimists? – for those who cannot help but short this bull?

    Short ADBE here.


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