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About to Go All In Again

Ladies and Gentlemen, the time has come to do away with half measures and limp dicks. I speak of BIG gains and yet here I am with 40% cash. A man in my position can never afford to sit idle whilst the plebs run about naked enjoying the pastoral views. After 2pm, Le Fly, as he’s popularly known in France, will embark on a journey to invest all of his remaining cash. For the day, I am +1.4%, reversing an early 1% spike to the head. I did so via intelligence and wonderful trading. I also ate a great quiche Lorraine and have consumed 4 cups of coffee, one of which was a latte. I have also walked the fucking dogs, tended to the babies inside of Exodus, and done all of my duties running my business. There is literally nothing stopping me from diving headlong into the sea of rabble rousers in search of fresh fish. I will do so at once.

On a separate note, it’s important that I give credit where credit is due. Exodus member who goes by the name of @BUBBA, aka The Pony Tail guy from Good Will Hunting, has made a wondrous call in the Pelican Room and has requested notoriety from the unwashed reader class on this blog. While your knee-jerk reaction might be to roll your eyes or curse him out, I humbly request that instead of being mean and obtuse, you instead offer him rewards via kind words of congratulations!

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  1. bidens hands

    Well I got her number @bubba….how do you like them apples?

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  2. chuckem

    I’ve been a FUBO subscriber for several months. Not impressed.

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