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I stepped into 2021 already a Champion amongst Champions. Having larger than dicked gains for 2020, I knew it’d be hard to match such a display of grandiosity. However tall that order might be, I endeavor to pour myself a large glass of winship and drink it up every single day of 2020. I will not lose, not even on a single day, as I weave and bob through the tumults of crony capitalism.

Today I was mostly cash into the session — but heavily positioned into gold and crypto derivative plays. I sold EQOS for +12% and CAN for +15.5%. I am still holding my gold — for reasons you can find here.

Yes indeud — fuck that dollar and euros too. We will make a new world built around SHITCOINS and fucking dog based currencies.

I am about to head back into the forest to hunt for some fish. I see the NASDAQ is -192 and the lot of you are 100% fucked. I, on the other hand, am +300bps. See pal, that’s the type of person that I am — blasting Phillip Glass in the home study — banking coin, much to Mrs. Fly’s deepest chagrin.

I am about to format the Quant for Jan. It was liquidated this morning and did quite well for December, +11%. Presently, I only hope and dream for the market to fuck itself. But if it doesn’t gold is the only trades worth looking at now.

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