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I booked the JNUG trade for +14.5%. Before that I booked 3 day trades for gains ranging from 5-11%. The details of my winship are somewhat moot at this point. As you fight and claw to stay in the black, Le Fly stands before you long cocked, +350bps. I know, go fuck myself — but you first.

Markets are knifing lower and I truly hope we can see the flames grow from embers and the entire cast of Fintwit clowns lit aflame. Sadly I do not think we’re at that part of the story yet. Feel free to buy dips, act yourselves and pretend to be intelligent. Le Fly will simply draw out the time with conversation and high quality espresso beverages — knowing full well that when the times comes — there isn’t a soul on this planet more mentally prepared to dive into the pits of fire with fire retardant gear, prepared to “do battle.”

I purchased the new Quant for Jan and I am more or less fully long, save for the 50% cash reserves I have right now.

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