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Top Idea For Jan 2021: Fuck the Dollar

Here we do. Let’s lay down some facts. We’re spending more than ever. Under Trumpski, US debt soared ~$10 trillion. Under Biden, I expect an equal or even greater number. This is the end game — the final salvo into irrelevancy. Like Rome, the barbarian hordes have overrun us. Our demise is happening much quicker thanks in large part of globalization. But do not worry lads — there is always a way to escape the dark winter.

The dollar is heading lower.

I cannot stress this enough. The key beneficiaries of a weak dollar are multi-nationals, foreign stocks, and of course foreign companies that produce commodities. Corn is on a 33 year record run now. Weaker dollar means a run higher in commodities. The farm play might come back. But the easy money, dare I say, is in gold.

The stupid yellow metal stocks are down 10% the past 3 mos. But look at the seasonality for the top rated gold miner in Exodus for January.

By the close of trading today, ahead of NYE, I will own several miners. Also, and this goes without saying, I will continue to buy ETH and perhaps begin to explore other inflation sensitive plays, particularly in the farming space.

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