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Quite Literally, Nothing Can Stop Me

I woke up to losses and felt the need to do nothing — staring into the black abyss with downside pin action at 180bps. After I walked the fucking dogs and made some coffee, I then decided to partake in a little superman action. I was genuinely concerned about the new members of Exodus and how they might’ve been getting raped without SuperMan Fly patrolling the area for bad guys.

I entered back into the tape at 1pm with the goal of saving the day!

The events that occurred after that post is for the history books, nothing less than grandiose magnificence.

OXBR +4.1% then again for +7.2%
BNGO +8.8%
IMMR +4.6%
PBI -4.7%
EQ +3.3%
OEG +4.2%

I closed out the session another winner — +40bps, cementing into my mind that I literally cannot lose now that I am using Stocklabs full time. I can honestly say, the tools that I have built into SL has made me an exponentially better day trader. I was always good — but now it’s perverse. Only myself and two others have access — one being Ragin Cajun. Since starting it with a small account — he’s up over 1,000%.

As for the timeline of its launch: soon.

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  1. it is showtime

    Hi inner wall st CB circle


    I just named a number
    you cant get the S&P
    to hit. Can’t even touch.
    have a good day

    This website, gave me one my bigger marker predictions.
    Anyone who, in October 2019, posted with rationale that
    a black swan, was likely to hit
    Kind of got it right.

    – it is showtime
    – October 15, 2019
    – Black _ Swan _ rising

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  2. narcist

    Republican Congressman elect died from COVID. Schadenfreude is currently above 9000 on Twitter.

    Safe to say, Darwin doesn’t think it will stop at just one.

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  3. Acolyte

    I’ve been in Exodus for a few months and it’s been great. What Fly says in his blog here day after day is real. Great group of experienced traders with many different perspectives and approaches to being successful long-term.

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