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Grim Tape — Part and Parcel

You should expect to blow up in the midst of a frenzied bull run. It goes with the territory. Consider yourselves to be ‘collateral damage’, part and parcel of big time living in a big time tape. With so many different variables whirring to and fro, it’s only a matter of time when one of the sour one’s, one of the really bad one’s, catches up to you and cracks you asunder.

Now your knee jerk reaction is to of course margin out your account MAXIMUS! and buy TSLA calls. Normally that would work. Let me warn you against said actions barreling dick first into the New Year’s.

See on the first week of every new year, a ritualistic period of renewal, a tone is set for the balance of the year. Colloquially, it’s called “The January Effect”, but it’s more or less a trend that often sticks dependent upon the first week of January. I recall quite vividly, as I was 300% short back then, Jan of 2008 and how everyone was sucking each other’s dicks in December, urinating into the faces of short sellers, declaring “THE HOUSING MARKET MIGHT GO BUST BUT STOCKS WILL STILL TRADE UP.” All of that ended the first week of 2008, as short sellers leaned in and cut off the dicks of all of the longs — preparing them and packing them in their freezers, in order to eat them for the balance of the year.

I’m not saying you’re being set up to become a loin chop in someone else’s freeze next week — but it certainly can happen!

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