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Trading Smart is Keeping Me in the Black Again

This isn’t the most accommodative tape. But my trading prowess, extreme skill of the first order, is, yet again, keeping the lights on at House Fly.

I executed the following day trades for profit:

ATIF +13.8%
FPAY +10.4%
AHPI +1.9%

Overall, my gains are still at around 1.1%, hitting a high of 2% about an hour ago. I can honestly tell you I feel this tape is filled with shit and I have no interest in allocating more than 50% of my cash here. Barreling into the New Year’s with all of the fuckery largesss, it’s very likely the market will be executed during the coming days to come — leaving all of you in a most forlorn state of abject misery. I venture to profit from your demise and will relish with great vigor the days when I purchase your margin liquidation at bargain prices.

There will always be trading and my powers increase with ferocity each and every day that passes. At some point, the Robinhood cadre of indiscriminate morons will be ripped to shreds by hungry wolves — flesh peeled out their faces and lit on fire. Until then, I remain humble in the tall weeds, eagerly, waiting for a face to peel.

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