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Senior Mosca made a respectable 1.45% today, pulling off a late day 30 second +11% gambit to close out an otherwise solid session. All of my other accounts were fucking trashed — but I escaped those pangs of horror through sheer wit and determination. I am, see, the world’s greatest trader — psychic even. Ask people inside Exodus and then can attest to this unbelievable fact. I am, dare I say, a Carnivale Act of extreme interest. People come to see me display acts of greatness and astonishment and I rarely disappoint.

Perhaps it’s all an aberration and God knows I am expecting to be tied to the gibbet and lashed to my death at some point along my narrative.


As it happens, company is stopping by today and we’ll go play some tennis and then dinner. People will ask about what I do and I’ll simply say “Magician.” I can never teach it. I can only show it to you.

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  1. tradercaddy

    Just because they are company doesn’t mean you can’t kick their ass in tennis.
    A new guy joined our AM doubles play today and I “gave him a welcome to the group” 3 aces.
    My wife calls me a Tennis bully.

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